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Mom products

Discover in Pharmacy GT a large number of articles intended for both baby care and the care of the new mother, from pregnancy to lactation.

Now enter our online parapharmacy and browse it to discover all the products that will cover your needs since you know that you will be a mom,keeping your body healthy and looking the best possible.

Products for pregnant moms

From the moment women become pregnant we begin to raise doubts about our body, about what products we can use and which we can not, since we hear and read in many places that any product that we put on our skin or that can directly affect our pregnancy or baby.

That's why we recommend that you buy your mom products from the pharmacy,as they are specific products for each state, from pregnancy to lactation, and they will help you meet all the needs you have.

In pregnancy our skin is usually dried more, in addition when stretching and taking a few kilos we may appear stretch marks. On the other hand it is important that we take care of our breast and specifically the nipple during pregnancy if we want to breastfeed our baby.

Therefore, in Pharmacy GT we have a specific section with products for the care of the new mother, where you will find three very basic sections that will serve you to better find our products according to your needs:

Pregnant Mother Products

When you get pregnant and you know you're going to be a mom, everyone around you starts telling you to take care of yourself, and it's actually super important that you do it, plus from the beginning.

The care you have with you will have an impact on your baby so it's so important to become aware that since you know you're going to be a mom, any care is little.

And it is that at first, when you are not yet noticeable, and you only have some discomfort, you can overlook that you are pregnant and for moments forget, something that can lead you to commit some recklessness such as gaining weight, crouching abruptly or eating something you should not.

Food is very important,there are many recommendations and prohibitions that your doctor will give you, but you should listen to him, even if no one around you has ever had any problems, because many foods are very harmful to the fetus and can cause damage.

Be careful it's only nine months, think about yourself and your baby and try the best care for him too.

Give your body everything you need using products recommended for pregnant women like the ones presented here, moisturizes and firms your skin, takes care of your chest and prepare it for breastfeeding when your baby is born.

Likewise, your intimate hygiene is very important, and you must follow the advice of your gynecologist from day one, using specific products such as those in Pharmacy GT you can find.