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Breastfeeding discs protect us 

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Breastfeeding discs protect us

Absorbent lactation discs:

Protective lactation discs are essential when a mom breastfeeds her baby, as they are the best way to protect clothes from small milk leaks that may be had while providing a relief for the nipple by its soft texture.

In Pharmacy GT we have all the specific articles for breastfeeding that will certainly help and facilitate the process for both mothers and children.

Breastfeeding discs: what they're for

It is very simple, and the truth is that they are essential as we have already mentioned, when the mother breastfeeds the baby.

The lactation discs should be placed right on the nipple,covering it, since its main function is to absorb any milk leaks that exist. They are fastened with the bra and remain fixed absorbing the traces of milk that escapes.

They are very practical especially at night, when the period between taking and taking is longer, because until the body is regulated, the chest continues to generate milk and if the child does not suck at its time, the milk goes out on its own.

They are also very practical to go out on the street, because if we have a leak the breastfeeding discs will be able to absorb it by avoiding the stain on the clothes.

Our body reacts naturally, and in many cases simply by listening to our baby's crying, it is as if the mechanism that makes the milk come out is activated, so if we are on the street or even at home, and we want to avoid stains on our clothes, it is best to always wear a breastfeeding disc protect us for each breast, or carry them in the bag.

Sometimes, depending on the brand, you can find them in individual bags, something that is very practical to always carry in the bag.

Choose the option that best suits your body's needs and buy in our online parapharmacy at the best price.

Cheap lactation absorbest discs in online pharmacy

In addition to the breastfeeding discs protect us, we can also find other items that are just as practical, and sometimes also essential.

This is the case with nipples,an accessory that can make your baby grip more easily to the chest, and can even mean the difference between breast-feeding or not.

The nipples are silicone and adapt perfectly to the nipple, making it easier for the baby to suck, as its touch is similar to that of bottles.

Ideally, the baby should grip directly to the chest, but when this is not possible, or our baby has difficulty doing so, nipples are one of the most recommended options, as you will be helping him to grip easily.

In addition, many moms experience cracks and wounds in their breasts during breast-feeding, and nipples are the best way to protect both the baby's chest and mouth, so it doesn't come into direct contact with wounds.

Pharmacy GT offers you all the items for breastfeeding at an incredible price, do not hesitate and trust the experts.



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