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Breast pumps 

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Breast pumps

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Breast pumps are items that all mothers in their lactation should have at home, in case they need it or in case they want to maintain breastfeeding for as long as they cannot directly breastfeed.

Farmacia GT has the most effective pumps and with the best designs that you can find today, and all at a very tight price so that you can have the products you need without problem.

The best breast pump

When moms have to rejoin working life after weeks of maternity leave,many of us are forced to breastfeed our babies.

Given that, according to WHO recommendations, breastfeeding should be exclusively maternal for the first six months of our little ones' lives, we should try to solve the problem of getting back to work and breast-feeding in the best way.

The breast pumps help us get all the milk out of our chests and be able to deliver it to our children through a bottle.

This is the best way to maintain breastfeeding with our children because, even if it's not directly from the breast, they will continue to drink breast milk.

There is the possibility of freezing our own milk in individual sachets, something that is very practical because in this way we can keep breast milk much longer in perfect condition.

A wide variety of breast pumps that will help us easily suck the milk from our chest to keep it and be able to give it to our baby in the following shots.

It is one of the best options to keep breastfeeding longer, something that will be very beneficial for both the baby and the mother.

In addition to breast pumps ...

In our section dedicated to lactation products in addition to breast pumps we present here the entire range of products for moms.

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As we say, WHO recommends that babies take only breast milk for the first six months of life. This is because breastfeeding benefits both the child and the mother, infact, it is known that if the child drinks breast milk during his first hour of life, he will have greater protection against infections and lower risk of mortality.

On the one hand it is a guarantee that protects against gastrointestinal infections, but it is also an energy source that is full of nutrients very beneficial for children up to two years old.

Breast milk gives children between six and 12 months more than half their energy needs, which will help them cope and better overcome any disease they suffer.

When it comes to mothers, it is known that health and well-being are more favorable during the time the mother is breast-feeding.

There are many benefits that breastfeeding offers and so, if we want to maintain it, we can help with GT Pharmacy breasts.

Buy in our online parapharmacy everything you need for the care of your body from pregnancy and during lactation, at a very good price, and receive it at home comfortably.



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