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Nipple Care 

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Nipple Care

Nipple crack creams:

During pregnancy, women must take care of our nipples, because our breast is one of the parts of the body that undergoes the most changes,and we have to take care of it in the most appropriate way.

Pharmacy GT has the most suitable specific nursing items for women's care and maternity preparation.

Nipple care products

The care of the woman's body during pregnancy is very important as we can help prevent damage such as those that can suffer the chest.

The woman's breast undergoes major changes and therefore it is essential to prepare it for breastfeeding because it can dry and crack,producing great pain.

Cracks in the nipple can cause you to experience great pain every time you breastfeed, as your little one will suck instinctively and if your nipple is damaged, it will be like opening a wound over and over again.

That's why we should avoid it with specific care like the nipple care products presented here.

In addition to nipple care products ...

In our online parapharmacy you can find a large number of items intended for the care of baby and mother,such as specific products for lactation,where in addition to the nipple care products that we are presenting to you here, you can also buy many other items.

All of them are products specially designed for the care of the mother during the lactation period.

Nipple care during breast-feeding

It is important to start applying nipple care creams from pregnancy,even if our body doesn't seem to need them, because as we say it will be the best way to prevent possible damage.

Likewise, we must continue during the lactation period, without fear of using it as they are products that are created so that both our body and that of our baby can tolerate it without problems.

What's more, whether you have cracks or just that the nipple skin is dry, you can apply the specific nipple care cream and without removing it, breastfeed your baby.

Moisturizes and protects the skin from your nipples and makes the lactation period the beautiful time it should be, without suffering any pain and allowing you to breastfeed your little one with total guarantee and care.

Protect yourself and protect your baby with the nipple care products that Pharmacy GT offers you at the best price on the market.

Buy safely in our online parapharmacy and receive at home, comfortably, the products you need, for a very attractive price.



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