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Intimate hygiene 

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Intimate hygiene

Intimate hygiene in pregnancy

In Pharmacy GT you can buy all the products for the intimate hygiene of women during pregnancy, a period in which women must take care of each other much more carefully, maintaining the balance and pH of our skin.

Discover everything we can offer you for mom care from pregnancy to lactation.

Intimate hygiene during pregnancy

If you are pregnant you will know that you have to pay more attention to all your care,from food, to the care of your skin, paying special importance to your intimate hygiene.

We must take into account that any infection we catch can be complicated because we cannot take certain medications, so we have to take extreme precautions and take care of our body, inside and out more calmly and accurately.

The products for intimate hygiene that Pharmacy GT offers you in its online parapharmacy, are especially indicated for women in their different phases, during the menstrual period, during pregnancy and during the postpartum.

They are products that have a physiological pH that respects vulvar flora and that offer our body a very gentle and effective hygiene.

In our parafarmaciaonline you can find a large number of products indicated for the care of the mother as the specific ones for the hygiene that we present here, but you can also buy many others such as the ones that we show you below:

Intimate hygiene after childbirth

In the case of specific gels for women's intimate hygiene, it is important to moisten the area previously with water and then apply the product and then rinse with plenty of warm water.

As we have already mentioned are products that are indicated both during menstruation, during pregnancy and postpartum, which are the periods in which the intimate area is most sensitive and needs more care.

They are products sold in pharmacies, which are dermatologically and gynecologically tested, so you can be totally sure of its effectiveness and care on your skin.

Likewise you will also find in our pharmacy specific gels that will soothe your intimate area of possible irritations that may suffer, as a result of hair removal, a shave, surgical points, etc.

They are products that have a high concentration in glycine so they manage to soothe the area by also protecting the skin and mucous membranes, and maintaining a feeling of comfort for several hours.

These intimate hygiene products can be used daily, and in fact it is recommended that this is done, to maintain the natural pH of the skin.



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