Trofolastin Scars 5 pcs (5X7.5Cm)


The scar-reducing dressings ofTrofolastin are perfect for treating scars. Breathable and waterproof,allows its use 24 hours a day,in any season, whatever your daily activity.

Effective even in keloid or hypertrophic scars.


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Trofolastin scar reducer

After surgery, a pregnancy with caesareany, after a wound in which stitches have been empted, an injury or a burning is usual for scars to appear and form scars. Sometimes they are small and discreet but in other cases they are more visible and not very aesthetic.

Trofolastin has made scar-reducing patches to treat these wounds and prevent large scars from forming or to treat those that already existed giving the skin a healthier and more aesthetic appearance. These patches manage to reduce scars by helping to treat hypertrophic and keloid scars.

Trofolastin scar reducer, composition and mode of use

Scar Trofolastin components

Trofolastin scar reducer is a polyurethane adherent patch, composed of the bonding of two distinct layers.

  • The outer layer that is not in contact with the skin and consists of a microporous layer that allows the perfect perspiration of the skin.
  • And the inner layer that is attached to the skin and forms an acrylic sheet so that it is easily acquired.

They are nude color so that it camouflages the skin and we do not even remember that we are wearing it. In this way they are a much more aesthetic product.

The scar-reducing patches have been designed by dermatology experts with the aim of achieving foundational properties with which to reduce the scar.

Firstly, increasing the pressure on the scar and secondly keeping the area moist so that collagen fibers are available.

How to use Trofolastin

Trofolastin patches should be used on closed scars so that the skin does not contain wounds and I do more effect. Its use is very simple.

  • The first thing to do is wash your hands and the area where you are going to place the patch.
  • Once the skin is clean and dry, open the protective envelope and place the part that has adhesive on the scar.

These patches are waterproof and therefore you can use them in the shower, in the pool or in the sea. They are very comfortable since you don't have to go around taking them off to bathe.

It is advisable to carry the scar reducer 24 hours a day and change it once a week.

In addition these patches can be trimmed although there are three formats to perfectly fit your scar:

  • small 5 x 7.5 cm
  • medium 10 x 14 cm
  • C-section size 4 x 30 cm

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