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Baby products

Child and baby care products are many and very varied. Some are completely indispensable,and @8B1J1 are simply items that help you with their designs to take care of our babies more accurately and especially faster.

Child care begins from before the baby is born, with the care of the mother-to-be.

Online baby products

When we are moms for the first time we are overwhelmed by a sense of doubt about whether we will be able to take good care of our little babies. This vertigo is very normal, it happens to all of us and is totally justified.

The answer to if you will know how to take care of your baby in the right way is yes, because your instinct will tell you at all times how you have to act, but also, today we have so much information and so many products at our fingertips,that you can always receive help from all of them.

At the pharmacy you will find all the necessary material for the care of your baby, and to maintain daily cleaning routines and care that will help you to keep him as he or she deserves.

From bath-specific soaps, moisturizers, hygiene accessories, chairs, high chairs, bottles, etc..., to all the elements you will need for the feeding and well-being of our babies.

The rest of the little ones is paramount, that is why in @5N7H6 we offer cot and baby beds of high quality and tested so that at all times it is in perfect condition.

We also care a lot about your little one's diet, offering you the best baby milk and baby purees on the market.

Cheap baby products

In our pharmacy you can buy all the products necessary for child care, with the variety offered by the best brands and with the peace of mind of knowing that they are products that you buy in the pharmacy.

That's why in Pharmacy GT we put at your fingertips a wide range where you can find:

  • Products dedicated to children's hygiene: shampoo, moisturizing lotions, gel, wipes, baby colonies.
  • Sun protection for children: fundamental for the care of babies' skin, we must always protect them, because their skin is very delicate and the damage caused by the sun to the skin can create serious consequences.
  • Bottles and nipples: of all sizes and textures, so that they evolve with our babies. You can also purchase all the necessary material to clean and sterilize all these products. The bottles have a special shape so that at all times the little one is comfortable eating.
  • Chupets and biters: the biters that best come to babies, how badly it happens with the exit of their first teeth, the chains for more original and practical pacifiers, and the pacifiers with the most varied designs on the market.
  • Specific care : if your baby has some type of skin problems, such as atopic skins,or needssome help to better digest his or her diet, we have specific products that will help you, but we also have smokers, humidifiers, sterilizers and specific products for the milk crust and the first teeth.
  • Thermometers:the evolution of thermometers has reached pharmacies. Get yours at the best price.
  • Newborn baskets: the ideal gift to make a recent mom, but also, a perfect detail to make yourself, since our gift packs are very complete, varied and at a very good price.

Trust GT Pharmacy for child care.