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Buy Newborn Bottles

Choosing the right type of nipple for each age is of paramount importance, as the mouth and palate of the newborn is constantly changing and we must adapt the breastfeeding products always to the moment they are found.

In Pharmacy GT you will find bottles and nipples adapted according to the age of your child, so that finding the right product is very simple.

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As we say each age needs a different type of nipple. When babies are newborns, and during their first months of life, nipples should be different from those used from 6 months.

Today the nipples are designed to perfectly fit both the palate and gums of the baby, so they are different as the children grow.

In our pharmacy you will find the most current models of nipples and bottles, and specifically in the baby stage between 0 and 6 months, you can choose from a wide variety of models suitable for milk continuation of the best brands of baby products in the current market.

Choose from the different colors that we can offer and enjoy the products of the best quality on the market, for your tranquility and the well-being of your little one.

Characteristics of newborn bottles

As we say each age has its different characteristics, and the development of the gums and palate of the baby progresses as the months pass. This is the main reason why different types of nipples should be selected according to the age of the child.

The main characteristics of nipples and bottles during the first six months of life are as follows:

  • Its mouthpiece has a natural design that adapts perfectly to the shape of the little one's jaw, simulating the mother's nipple.
  • The nipples adapt ergonomically allowing for easier suction by the baby.
  • They are tested and designed to reduce the infant's colic by minimizing air intake.

The best bottles for newborns

In our child care section you have a wide variety of products and items that will help you spend the first few months as a mom, with the best quality and the best care for your baby.

Within this section you will find a section dedicated entirely to bottles and nipples where are those intended for babies between 0 and 6 months that we are presenting to you here, but also, where you will find other products such as the ones that we present below:

All of them quality items, that the best brands of children's pharmacy products, put at your fingertips included the nutritious mashed children's cereals

Pharmacy GT is your trusted online parapharmacy and offers you the best items for the care of your baby, at the best price on the market.



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