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6 to 12 Months 

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6 to 12 Months

Baby bottles 6 to 12 months old

From six months of age, the palate of babies changes to become wider, so the gums adapt to the new morphology of the child's mouth.

In Pharmacy GT we have the nipples of 6 to 12 months that you are looking for, perfectly adapted to your baby's mouth,to help you feed easily and easily.

Pharmacy Baby Bottles

As with pacifiers, nipples and bottles should be adapted to the baby according to their age. At first we will have to change more often and as they grow, the trend will slow down.

The child's mouth is gradually developing, and just as in the first 0 to 6 months there are certain bottles and nipples, from 6 months should be expanded, not only by the size of the bottle,logically the babies increase in quantity the intake of milk from continuation,but also by the shape of the nipple, which must be properly adapted to the new changing morphology of the baby's mouth.

In addition, from this age, bottles with ergonomic handles are beginning to be presented to them that help them to pick up the bottle themselves so that they can feed or drink themselves.

The nipples have soft mouthpieces that encourage that learning because from six months and around the year, the little ones will want to start taking everything on their own, so it will be better to provide it with bottles adapted to their needs.

In our online parapharmacy you can find different colors and sizes of bottles, which you will love.

Baby bottle features

The bottles and nipples that Pharmacota GT puts at your disposal in its online parapharmacy have original designs, and belong to the main brands of child care for sale in pharmacies.

The quality of the products is unbeatable so you and your baby will only have to worry about enjoying your time together.

The main characteristics of these bottles and nipples for infants between 6 and 12 months are as follows:

  • They have a mouthpiece whose design simulates the maternal nipple, so it fits perfectly to the mouth of the little one.
  • This adaptation makes the suction simpler and more fluid, so the little one can feed the bottle as if he were doing it naturally with the mother's chest.
  • The designs of these nipples and bottles are oriented to avoid colic avoiding the entry of air into the baby's mouth, so in addition to adapting they are practical and highly recommended.

Within our section dedicated to childcare you will find bottles and nipples for different ages.



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