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Cleaning and care of bottles should be done with appropriate materials to maintain all proper hygiene conditions for baby care.

In Pharmacy GT we have the bottle accessories you need for the care and maintenance of products for your baby with all the necessary safety guarantees for your peace of mind.

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Bottles should be thoroughly cleaned after each use, to remove any remaining milk and other substances.

To do this we must use the appropriate materials such as specific detergents for bottles containing organic enzymes, which manage to remove and clean all the remains, and are easily clarified.

The application of these specific detergents should be done with a special bottle brush. The bottle cleaning brushes are specifically designed to be able to easily clean the bottles, reaching every corner of the container.

Applying both products simultaneously ensures proper bottle cleaning and peace of mind to reuse in the next shot.

What bottles to buy for newborns

In Pharmacy GT we have a wide range of products for child care among which we highlight the followingAccessories for pharmacy bottles

Choose pharmacy sales products for the care of the products you use for your baby, such as bottles and nipples.

Proper care and cleaning of this type of products is essential to maintain the optimal health of the baby, since we must avoid contact of the little ones with any type of bacteria or food residues from other intakes.

Pharmacy GT puts at your disposal the most suitable products such as the bottle accessories that we are presenting here.

Rely on our online parapharmacy to buy all baby care products, from bottles and nipples to cleaning accessories.

Pharmacy GT has the back of being a pharmacy and offers you high quality products that will definitely get you the peace of mind you need, since they are the specific products of the best quality existing in the pharmaceutical market for the care of the small and all the accessories that need.

Our parapharmacy has offers and discounts that make the products we have very attractive, and of course the whole section of babies and moms also has the best prices on the market.

Do not hesitate and rely on your online parapharmacy to buy all baby care products.