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Tetinas bottle

Find in your trusted online parapharmacy the best quality nipples,which adapt perfectly to your little one's bottles.

Pharmacy GT has nipples of different sizes so you can choose the ones that best suit the morphology of your baby's mouth according to their age and needs.

Baby nipples by age

In our online pharmacy you can choose the different nipples for your baby's bottles, either for their first months whose shape is different or from 6 months, when children start sucking differently due to the constant changes they undergo in mouth.

You can also find silicone nozzles for learning cups, which are designed for children to learn to drink follow-up milk alone with bottles and cups that also have handles so they can grip them without problems.

The nipples that we have in our online parapharmacy can be chosen in different materials such as latex or silicone, and even find packs with offers of two nipples in one package.

In Pharmacy GT we put at your fingertips the most advanced products and the best quality on the market, with the main brands of child care, so we offer you the greatest tranquility when buying our products for your baby.

Features of online bottle nipples

Many of the products we offer come in handy packs where you will find two nipples. There are different sizes and shapes so you can choose according to your baby's need for his or her age as we have already mentioned.

Similarly, you may find them designed to drink water with a smaller hole or larger sizes to help them eat food through the bottle.

In addition, as we have already mentioned, GT Pharmacy nipples have different shapes not only for bottles but also to adapt them to learning vessels,which are those that include a couple of handles so that the little ones can learn to drink them alone, easily taking their bottles and sucking without problem.

They are nipples that have nozzles that easily adapt to the mouth of the child according to the different ages, and that adapt anatomically simulating the mother's nipple.

In addition these nipples are able to reduce the baby's colic due to their improved systems that prevent the child from swallowing air.

Pharmacy GT offers you a wide and varied section dedicated exclusively to child care where you will find a section for bottles and nipples in which, in addition to the nipples that we are presenting you here.

Plus, complete your child's diet with the best selection of baby feed products where our cereal porridgestands out. Your child's nutrition will certainly be in the best hands.