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Bottle sterilizers

The food we provide to our little ones should be healthy and balanced, but the step before cooking should always be a sterilization under food conditions, to avoid the possible presence of viruses and bacteria.

At Pharmacy GT we have the detergents for food and sterilizers that you need for the care and cleaning of everything you cook.

Microwave bottle sterilizers

Many people think that washing food with water is enough, especially if you are going to cook later, but in reality, it is not enough just water to remove all the traces of viruses and bacteria present in food.

The detergents and sterilizers that you can buy in our online parapharmacy are perfectly designed to quickly remove all possible viruses and bacteria from food.

The acting time of these disinfectants and sterilizers will depend on the type of food and bacteria you may have. They are effective from 30 seconds on some of them, and it can take up to 15 minutes to remove all bacteria.

They are very simple to use, because we only have to follow the manufacturer's instructions, but usually a product stopper is dissolved in a container with 2.5 liters of water.

We must be very clear that it is a disinfectant product that has been removed impurities and alkalizers that are usually present in the common bleach, and that has all the guarantees of being a pharmacy product, of exclusive production.

It is specially designed so that it does not alter the taste of food, and of course so that it does not eliminate the properties they present.

Since fruits and vegetables are collected in the harvest and until they reach our plate, they pass through different hands and different places that can undoubtedly contaminate them with bacteria, insects and insecticides, dirt, etc.

Buy OnLine Bottle Sterilizer

On the other hand, in our pharmacy you can also buy specific detergents for bottles that contain organic enzymes that will be able to remove the remains of milk. Easy to rinse, these detergents are very simple to use and practical to ensure the correct cleaning of the bottles.

It is a very safe product to be able to handle the bottles that the babies then use for feeding.

In Pharmacy GT you have a wide range of specific products for child care among which we highlight the sterilizers that we are presenting here



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