Child Hygiene

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Children's hygiene

Child hygiene is very important, not only for keeping our children clean and hydrated,but because everything we can instill in them from a young age will serve as a learning and will get used to maintaining basic and fundamental hygiene routines.

Child care will help keep our children healthy.

Children's hygiene at home

Pharmacy GT offers you a wide range of specific products for children's hygiene, which allow you to perform a complete hygiene and cleaning routine.

Children's shampoo

As we know, children's skin is much more delicate than that of adults,even more so in newborn babies.

The skin of the scalp is no exception and that is why we must apply suitable products so that they do not damage that skin, but serve to keep it in its best condition.

Children's hair needs to be taken care of with these products to look stronger and more beautiful.

All shampoos for children,which you can buy in our pharmacy, will be totally suitable for your needs, keeping the skin free of allergies and discomfort such as dryness.

Children's moisturizing lotions

After bathing it is always advisable to apply a moisturizing lotion. In children this does not change, but what if it changes is the product itself, because when we talk about childcare, we must be very clear that the products we use are always specific to babies and children since their skin is much more delicate.

All the moisturizing baby lotions that we put at your fingertips in Pharmacy GT are indicated for children's skins.

We must apply them every day to keep your skin healthy and well hydrated. Give her a little massage while you apply it and you'll see how she loves it.

Children's gel

Just as shampoos should be specific to children, gels should be, too. Pharmacy is the best place to get specific products that keep taking care of babies' delicate skins.

The bathroom is one of the daily routines that they like to do, so apply the best gel for your children to enjoy and also benefit from their best properties.

Children's wipes

Today they are clearly essential. You won't leave the house without some wet wipes,which you can find specific to different parts of the body.

Wipes for the face and hands, to clean the diaper or just wet wipes for any unforeseen.

The GT pharmacy offers you a wide variety of wipes that are presented in different types of packaging so that you find the one that is most comfortable for you.

Children's baby colonies

We must be very careful with the colonies,even those that say they do not have alcohol, because they can damage the skin of our baby.

If you want to perfume your baby, you can do it without problem, of course yes, but it is better that you apply the colony directly to the ropita and not on the skin.

If possible, spray the clothes with a vaporizer before putting it on and thus avoid any possible irritation.