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Baby Colonies 

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Baby Colonies

Baby Colony

Just as there are special products for children in creams, gels, and lotions, we can also find colonies made specifically for the little ones.

Non-alcoholic baby colony

If you want to put your cologne child, make sure it's suitable for the most sensitive skin,which doesn't carry alcohol or any products that can irritate their skin.

A tip, you can apply the cologne to clothing instead of the skin, even perfume it before putting it on.

The colonies for children are very pleasant, fresh and are suitable for the type of sensitive and delicate skin of children.

However, be sure to choose a colony that does not carry alcohol. Check with your pharmacist and let me advise you on the most suitable colonies to put on your little one.

Tips from baby colonies that smell good

Avoid putting cologne or perfume directly on children's hair or skin. As we have mentioned, it is better to perfume the clothes.

Choose the colony carefully and select one that does not contain alcohol. Take a good look at the ingredients and make sure you don't have many.

Apply a colony suitable for the season, choose fresh colonies in summer, with floral or fruity aromas.

Keep the cologne jar in a cool, dry place away from the direct rays of the sun. Make sure it's not in a place where it's too hot because it could break without realizing it and put it in bad condition.

Keep in mind that when you use shampoos, gels and moisturizers, you're already scenting your child, so use a gentle fragrance so it doesn't get too much odors.

Non-alcoholic baby colony

There are substances that are considered unsuitable for perfumeping children and infants. You should keep them in mind when buying a colony for children, because they can cause some type of allergy to their skin.

Alcohol is a very aggressive substance that dries and irritates the skin. But in addition to alcohol, there is a list of 26 allergenic substances of fragrances that should be known to avoid when buying a colony for children. These substances are: Amyl Cinamal - Benzyl alcohol - Cynyl alcohol - Citral - Eugeno - Hydroxicitronelal - Isoeugenol - Amylocylic alcohol - Benzyl salicylate - Cinamal - Cumarin - Gerumanol - Hydroxymethyl-pentilcyclohex-enocarbaldehído - Alcohol 4-methyl bicyphyl - Cinanyl - Cinanyl - - 2-(4-terc-butylbencil) propionaldehyde - Linalol - Benzyl benzol - Citronelol - a-hexilcinamaldehyd - d-limonene - Heptino methyl carbonate - 3-methyl-4-(2,6,6-trimethyl-2-cyclohexen-1-il)-3- buten-2-ona - Evernia prunastri, extract - Evernia furfuracea, extract



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