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Creams for the ass 

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Creams for the ass

Diaper creams:

It's time for the diaper change and we find that our baby's snake is irritated. This is caused by excessive humidity in the diaper area, as well as a change in the pH of the skin, produced by urine and a lack of ventilation of the area, being able to reach in the last case, diaper rash.

What is diaper rash?

These are skin rashes produced by the fungus Candida Albicans,having no frequency in the change of diaper, reddish color and that produce itching, which appears in the area of the thyte, and that in very extreme cases,if not eliminated soon, can reach the baby's back,since it is a fungal infection and not an irritation. Therefore it is necessary to change the diaper frequently, to avoid these irritations.

But when should the diaper change be made?

It's not a mathematical thing, but we have to make sure that our baby doesn't spend too much wet, which doesn't mean we have to change his diaper every time he pees. Therefore, what many people do is proceed to the change of diaper before or after each meal. Another thing is poop, in which the diaper has to be changed immediately, since the faeces mixed with urine are a calve culture for a lot of infections, alterations of the pH of the skin, safely producing inflammation in the area if we are not rigorous with the changes.

What precautions should I take during the diaper change?

Once the diaper has been removed, and the waste is cleaned, the area should be thoroughly dried and one of the following products should be applied to hydrate, repair and prevent possible irritation:

  • Wipes: suitable for cleaning dirt from the ass area without irritating the baby, these wipes are specially designed to hydrate and isolate the area to avoid contact of urine or faeces. It also has an acidic pH to prevent the proliferation of microorganisms.
  • Balsamic creams: useful to prevent irritations, are used in every diaper change in the area of the culete, thus protecting it from possible irritations. Formulated, also at an acidic pH.
  • Paste to water: used in useful each diaper change, these creams are composed among other components by zinc, kaolin and talc. Thanks to them the paste to the water has restorative, moisturizing and soothing properties..
  • Treating ointments: suitable for scotch and irritations reduce them and eliminate them in addition to providing freshness to your baby, thus preventing them from rising over time and avoiding the much-feared diaper rash.

Diaper change products

It is important, that both balsamic creams, water pastes and treating ointments are applied with the well clean and dry culete after diaper change, let them absorb well through the skin and finally proceed to put the new diaper so that these products act conveniently.

In the apothekegt we care about your baby's health and have the best brands so that, in every diaper change, your baby's skin is in the best hands. Among them you will find Mustela, LetiA4, Baby sebamed, and Weleda.

In find the best products related to changing the diaper of the best brands. Don't sacrifice the quality and give the best products to your baby. To help you, in Pharmacy GT we offer you the best prices on the market in diaper exchange products and that the economy does not hinder.



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