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Baby gel

Using the right gel is very important. Our children may have good skin, but if one gel or another is used we can cause them some kind of allergic reaction or irritation on their skin.

Newborn Baby Bath Gel

Always look for products that contain natural elements,if they may not contain soap or perfumes that may irritate.

If it contains too many ingredients it may not be the ideal product for your child's skin.

If you need to help your child get better sleep, you can look for bath gels containing camomile and lavender,which have relaxing properties.

If your child's skin has any irritation, you should choose a gel that contains oats, as it will soothe skin irritations as well as thoroughly moisturize.

Melissa is also relaxing so if your kids need a help to go down revs, choose a gel that contains it among its components, and you'll see how it helps them relax and sleep better.

Otros gels include cotton oil oils that soothe and soothe the skin of small grazers and everyday irritations.

You can nourish and soften your skin by using a gel rich in marigold extract.

All these gels are indicated for daily use on the skin of children, so we can use them with total peace of mind.

Gel bath drinks without parabens

Although all gels are indicated for daily use, the use of gels on children's skin should not be exceeded because it may cause irritation.

Babies don't get dirty usually, so we can use very little gel to clean them up to protect their skin.

Children's bath gels should have a basic feature above others, and they should be suitable for sensitive skin. Even if we see that our child's skin contains no irritations, no pimples, it is extremely sensitive and we must take care of it so that it is still in good condition.

They should have a pH that is appropriate for the baby's skin, otherwise they can alter the acidity of the skin and dry it out.

Soaps alter the natural fat cloak that protects the baby's skin and that's why we must find gels that do not contain soap or perfumes.



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