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Moisturizing lotions 

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Moisturizing lotions

Moisturizing lotion for babies

There are different types of product that can make bath time one of the most fun of the day.

Moisturizing lotions for baby in pharmacy

Kids love to play, and if we include foam at bath time, the fun is assured.

Use soap-free foam products that protect children's skin, preventing irritations and allergies. You can find foam products for children for daily use, which lighten easily with water and do not irritate the eyes.

Please note that special formulas for drinks are designed for your skin type and can therefore be used daily. Normal shower gels are not appropriate for them because they can irritate them or cause them some kind of allergic reaction.

Excessive use of the foam can cause irritation not only on the skin but also in the urinary tract, so use it at most once a day and in the measurements indicated on the package.

Moisturizing creams for babies

Moisturizing creams on the market may contain different components that help different aspects. For example, look for oat gels that relax and soothe skin irritations, or if you want your baby to get better sleep, use creams that contain lavender and camomile as in addition to moisturizing their skin helps them relax just like melissa. If you want to nourish and achieve a greater softness in your skin, look for moisturizers that contain cotton oil and calendula extract that will soothe and soothe your delicate skin.

Baby cleansing lotions

Baby cleansing lotions are specifically formulated for the delicate skin of babies from birth, and are perfect for use during daily grooming.

These lotions, in addition to moisturizing the skin, protect it thanks to the vegetable oils they contain. They are easily applied with a soft cotton that spreads the entire product through the skin providing softness and cleanliness at the moment.

Cleansing lotions can be used as cleaners or as separate moisturizers. If used as a moisturizer, a small amount of the product should be applied after bathing and spread throughout the body.

The option of cleansing lotion is advised for newborn babies as it cleans thoroughly without having to bathe them, also serving as a moisturizer.



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