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Baby wipes

The revolution that entailed the appearance of wet wipes makes life easier for parents every day.

Formerly changing the diaper meant pulling palangana, towels, sponges, water, and cleaning the area well.

Currently we can change the diaper in just a couple of minutes, leave it clean and at the same time take care of the skin of our children with the use of wet cloths.

Baby wipes without parabens

Obviously the creams that are applied in some areas of the body should not be applied in others. Likewise we find cloths for changing diapers and wipes for other parts of the body such as the face and hands.

Diaper change cloths include disinfectant lotions that cleanse and moisturize our children's delicate skin.

Face wipes refresh and clean with just one pass. They also have moisturizing lotions that help keep the skin in its best condition.

It is highly advisable to always carry a pack of hand and facewipes from home, as we can prevent our children from taking bacteria to their mouths.

Playing in the park or touching a shop window, you fill your hands with microbes that we must eliminate to avoid major evils.

Wet cloths are the perfect option to leave home with the peace of mind of being able to clean our children at any time.

Natural baby wipes

Don't trust any product. Keep in mind that you're going to apply it to the skin of babies that's very delicate.

Inappropriate use of these wipes can cause allergies and dermatitis on children's skin.

Look for products that are especially suitable for the delicate skin of babies and that clean without irritating the skin.

Cloths should include components that help prevent skin inflammation and irritation and relieve itching.

Look for products that contain natural oils as they manage to protect the skin from dryness and irritation.

Be sure to choose a trusted brand. Check with your pharmacist and choose the best option for your baby's skin.

Don't look at the format as attractive to buy the product, but to make it the best for your child.