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Baby biter

When babies go through the stage where their baby teeth come out, they often have a hard time, with discomfort and pain that are difficult to soothe.

In Pharmacy GT we have the most suitable bites to relieve the pain and discomfort of the gums caused by teething.

Baby silicone biter

These accessories are specifically designed to help babies in their teething periods. Experts say that the pain you suffer when your teeth break is very big and that even adults would have a really hard time.

GT Pharmacy biters are designed to relieve gum pain, with a detachable part that can be put in the fridge so that they then bite it when it's cold and calms them down more.

The cold effect of the biters that you can acquire in our online parapharmacy is specially designed to last more cold weather, without containing any liquid inside, so there will be no danger of any small cracks with the teeth.

It is very easy to use and should only be put in the fridge to cool down and offer it to the baby to bite and play with, alleviating its discomfort.

The rigid biters have a special design thought to provide a gentle massage on the gums, thus also soothing the pain caused by the teething of the children.

On the other hand, Pharmacy GT also offers you sets for children's dental care, which include two types of toothbrushes, one for their initial stage, which provides mostly a gentle massage on the gums and helps them learn and catch the habit of maintaining a dental hygiene, and the other brush have a soft head that helps clean the teeth that begin to point through the gums.

It is a pack designed for babies between 6 and 15 months and also includes a protective ring that makes the child unable to insert the brush into the mouth more than necessary.

Buy the best baby biter

In our online parapharmacy you can find the biters you are looking for for your baby, with all the guarantees of the most specialized brands in child care.

In addition, in Pharmacy GT you will find the most attractive offers from all over the internet.

In our online parapharmacy you have many articles designed for child care such as the biters that we present here.