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Baby pacifiers

One of the must-haves for every newborn baby is a pacifier. An article that will be a great help during the first months and even the first years of the little one's life.

Pharmacy GT offers you the most original pacifiers on the market, with the quality and support of pharmaceutical brands, and with designs oriented according to the age of the baby.

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The pacifier is an article that provides comfort,something that sometimes really seems magical when the baby is crying without consolation and when you put his pacifier shuts up by magic, calming instantly.

The instinct of sucking already appears in the uterus and is an instinct that becomes essential for the baby, since sucking will feed. In addition, if the mother breastfeeds her will be her main route of contact with her, so in addition to feeding, she will keep the necessary contact for the baby.

For children, the pacifier is something to hold on to when they feel fear,pain or discomfort, hunger, etc., but in addition to calming them down, several studies claim that using the pacifier reduces the chance of sudden death syndrome.

However, you have to have certain limits and as the months go by we must restrict the use of the pacifier so that the child, gradually leaves it, not only because it can damage or modify the formation of his palate and the dental pieces, that is something that in each child can be very different, but because most use it to calm down as we have already seen , and we cannot expect that to last long, but that children must gradually learn to console themselves in other ways; They are also able to understand many things that we explain to them, so around the age of two or at most about the three, you should leave your pacifier.

In our baby section,within the baby and momcategory, you will find a specific section for pacifiers and bites,where in addition to the pacifiers that we are presenting to you here, we can also offer you:

  • Very beautiful and very practical chains to never lose the pacifiers of our babies.
  • Biters the perfect ally for when children are with swollen gums by the appearance of teeth.

Newborn baby chupets at your OnLine pharmacy

Just as many other baby items can be purchased elsewhere, pacifiers can be on sale at stores other than pharmacies. From Pharmacy GT we recommend that you purchase these products in pharmacies and parapharmacies,since you have the support of specialized professionals, and you will always be purchasing products from the best pharmaceutical brands.

In our online parapharmacy we offer you pacifiers at a very attractive price so you can buy all the ones you need. They are also pacifiers of brands of recognized prestige in pharmacies.