Blemil Plus 1 forte 800 gr
  • Blemil Plus 1 forte 800 gr

Blemil Plus 1 Forte 800 gr


Innovative formula that incorporates novel ingredients internationally.

Blemil plus 1 forte's nutriexpert formula offers an advanced combination of ingredients that brings together the latest research in pediatric nutrition and the latest advances in food technology.

Milk from 0 to 6 months.


(2,81 / 100 GR)

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(2,81 / 100 GR)

Tax included

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To further enhance its composition, Blemil plus 1 forte nutriexpert formula has been enriched with:

• A selection of highly purified whey proteins that bring their composition closer to breast milk providing high concentration compounds in the developing brain and with protective effect against infections.

• A new combination of short-chain and long-chain prebiotics (Fructooligosaccharides), which stimulate the establishment of a healthy intestinal flora throughout the digestive tract. Its improved formula also contains higher levels of AGPI-CL, Immunoglobulins and Lactoferrin:

• AGPI-CL-6(ARA) and s-3(DHA): They promote proper visual and brain development, to which Taurine and Carnitine also contribute.

• IgG, IgA and IgM immunoglobulins: Strengthen the first line of defense against infections.

• Lactoferrin: It stands out for its antimicrobial, antibacterial and antiviral effect. It also contains:

• -palmitate: Excellent digestibility, facilitates the appearance of soft and easy-to-remove stools.

• -lactoalbumin: Amino acid profile and total protein content close to breast milk.

•Nucleotides: They are involved in the maturation of the digestive system and immune function.


Blemil plus 1 forte is a infant formula that fully meets the nutritional needs of the newborn from birth to the 6th month of age. Breast milk is the best food for the infant during the first months of life, and when it is not possible, it will be up to the pediatrician or healthcare professional to track their growth and development to recommend the most suitable.


Blemil plus 1 forte is prepared with a measure of 4.5 g for 30 ml of water. The food should be given to the infant immediately after being prepared. Do not reuse the contents of the bottle after shooting.

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