Medela botella-biberón calma 150 ml
  • Medela botella-biberón calma 150 ml

Medela Bottle Calm Bottle 150 ml


Calm is an innovative feeding system for mothers who want to feed their babies breast milk. The Calma bottle maintains natural feeding behavior.


(8,47 / 100 ML)

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(8,47 / 100 ML)

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So your baby:

  • "Works" the same way you would in your chest: when you suck, it forms a vacuum that makes milk flow and thus trains your facial muscles.
  • Suck, swallow, pause and breathe following your natural and individual feeding pace.
  • You can combine chest and bottle and, most importantly, return to the chest at any time.
  • It benefits from the nutritional substances andvitamins offered by breast milk.
  • She continues to enjoy the love and intimacy that the mother offers her when she feeds on her chest.


During breastfeeding,the mother and baby live a particularly emotional relationship in which the baby enjoys drinking breast milk. Each baby has been shown to develop individual and specific feeding behavior intuitively. The baby swallows, pauses, breathes at his own pace and for milk to flow better he must create a vacuum: when the baby raises or lowers the tongue, it is able to regulate the vacuum and thus controls the amount of milk it drinks.

However, in conventional bottles, milk flows on its own without the baby having to make any effort. This makes it very difficult to return to the chest as the baby must modify his or her behavior once accustomed to the bottle technique.

Why Calm down?

Breastfeeding is best for your baby, but you can't always be there to breastfeed naturally. Therefore, in Medela we have researched until we find the solution that best suits you and your baby.

The research,in collaboration with the University of Western Australia, has resulted in a solution that mimics the baby's natural suction behavior with the aim of facilitating the transition from chest to bottle and, more importantly, the return of the bottle to the chest. The result is Calm.

Once you've chosen an extractor and extracted the milk, Calma is the best option to feed your baby. With Calma you can rest easy, because your baby is breastfed through the bottle as he learned to breastfeed. So, he keeps drinking breast milk when you're not around and you can breastfeed her again when you get back.

Calm thesystem specifically designed for breast milk feeding. Unlike conventional bottles, the Calma bottle lets milk flow when the baby creates a vacuum. Similar to the chest. With Calma, your baby:

  • Breastfed when you're not around
  • It maintains her natural breastfeeding behavior, allowing her to swallow, breathe and pause as she learned to breastfeed.
  • You can get back in the chest at any time.

Calm of Medela,the food system suitable for lactation, is available in various formats in pharmacies and specialized establishments.

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