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Sun protection for children

Sunscreen babies

The skin of children is very delicate and sensitive to have less melanin than adults, and for this reason we must protect it from the sun with great care, to prevent it from possible burns and allergic reactions.

Today we can find a wide variety of products to protect our children's skin from the sun.

Choose children's products, because even if the protection of an adult cream is the same, the special sunscreen creams for children are not perfumed and their formulation base is softer.

The sunscreen creams for children that have the most coverage for the skin are those called high spectrum. These creams block UVA and UVH rays.

Water-resistant creams are best for children because they last longer than others despite being in and out of the water.

Sunscreen babies physical filters

In young children it is best to use a sun protection factor of at least 30 and never less than 15.

As usual, the higher the sun protection rate, the greater the protection you're giving to children's skin.

Factor 50 is usually the most commonly used.

Use sunscreen frequently, applying it again when leaving the water, to always keep your skin protected.

In the case of young children and babies, sunscreen creams and milks that also include in their composition ingredients that moisturize the skin are advisable.

Lotions and gels usually contain alcoholic components that end up drying the skin, so they should be avoided. Although they are recommended for cases of oily skin or with acne.

The best sunscreen for babies.

Cover all skin, rubbing and spreading the product through all parts of the body that are exposed to the sun.

Avoid sun exposure especially during the hours of increased sun force. It also tries to avoid surfaces that reflect light such as sand, water, snow, etc.

Remember to apply the cream 30 minutes before leaving home and renew every 2 hours.



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