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Hair bleaching

Find in our online parapharmacy the bleach for the hair of a lifetime, the one that gives both facial and body hair results. Efficiently disguises the hair on your face or arms, but also manages to make hair disappear from any part of your body, make you uncomfortable and look too much.

Pharmacy GT offers you the best bleach for hair of all time, selling in your online parapharmacy for a very economical price.

Facial hair bleaching cream

Hair bleaching usually begins to apply during puberty, when teens, boys and girls, begin to notice more important changes in their body.

The appearance of facial hair is not usually well received and especially the girls want to remove it quickly, but starting with hair removal at such a young age may not be what they want most, besides it is not always recommended.

Hair discoloration thus becomes an option that many young people use to make facial hair invisible, but also body hair,as well as on the arms. When the hair is very dark, usually the hair stands out more, but also in the case of women who have very light skin, it becomes even more visible.

It is possible to avoid complexes with products as far within reach as hair bleaching cream, because in just a few minutes you can see how it disappears before your eyes.

Not only do young women use it, but many women decide to apply their bleaching cream throughout their lives, either because they do not tolerate hair removal well in their different methods, or because hairiness is really very scarce.

Pharmacy GT offers you a wide section of hygiene products,in which we highlight the body hygiene where the hair bleach that we are talking about is located.

How to apply hair bleach

Applying the bleaching cream is very simple, just follow these steps:

  1. First you should wash the area thoroughly with soap and cold water. Dry it well.
  2. Then prepare the product following the instructions: measure a part of the accelerator powders and mix it with two parts of cream. Mix everything together until a homogeneous dough forms.
  3. Then just apply the mixture with the spatula, on the area where the hair you want to discolor and wait between 10 and 15 minutes for it to take effect.
  4. When you see that the hair has changed color, you'll only have to remove the whole mixture with cold water.

As you will see it is very simple and when you try it you will see that the results are just what you were looking for.

Why use a body hair bleach

In many areas of the body, body hair is not strong enough to be worth waxing because if done, the hair will become harder and will start to become more visible making things worse and causing it to have to be waxed for life.

That is why hair bleachers are ideal for areas such as thighs or moustache for those who have a type of fine hair as it will become invisible to the eye and will not grow stronger.

In addition, the bleaching process is completely painless which makes it the ideal product for the most sensitive. In the case of young girls who have not yet waxed it is still advisable to start with this practice as they will thus lengthen the date to start to shave with the inconveniences that already entails for life.