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Moisturizing eye wipes

The eyes are a sensitive organ to different bacterial infections, so you must take care of them and have optimal eye hygiene to avoid these possible contagions. In Pharmacy GT we care about your hygiene,that is why we offer you a range of eye wipes and moisturizing wipes to prevent you from possible infections, or to facilitate the disappearance of them in a faster, cheaper, and easier way.

Solution for eye infections

There are several factors that facilitate the onset of these bacterial eye infections, but if there are many of them in common are the different symptoms they present, such as the mass production of legañas in the tear or so-called conjunctivitis, watery eyes, reddish eyes, or even blepharitis

That is why it is important to maintain proper eye hygiene,even more so if we already present any of these symptoms, which are treatable, but that if we do not clean our eyes properly could get worse, or even gather several of these symptoms simultaneously.

To maintain good eye hygiene and do not worsen these infections it is necessary to clean the eyes regularly to avoid the formation of legacies, conjunctivitis, or blepharitis. The latter being one of the most problematic because the eyelids dry, causing possible irritation, dryness, watery eyes and swelling of eyelids very annoying for those who suffer.

It is advisable to perform an eye wash with boiled water and salt, since being boiled will be sterilized and we will have less likelihood of overinfectioning us, that added to the salt will form a saline solution similar to a serum that may be suitable, until recommended for milder cases of conjunctivitis. In this way the legacies and foreign bodies of the eyes are removed, avoiding an eye overinfection.

After this washing it would be highly recommended to apply the sterilized eye wipes to leave the eye area clear and disinfected. It is very important to know how to take care of our eyes, and therefore apply these eye washes together with the sterilized eye wipes are a very effective way to prevent us from spreading bacterial eye infections, and a way to maintain proper eyeball hygiene, eyelids and tears.

In addition to moisturizing eye wipes ...

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