Dry hair 

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Dry hair

Dry hair

Dry hair looks rough, dull, brittle,,... and you can go to different causes being possible to find dry hair by nature and dry hair as a result of external aggressions.

Sudden changes in temperature, excessive heat, lack of specific care for each type of hair, the use of dyes, straighteners, the dryer, etc., are the main responsible for the dryness of our hair.

As a result of all these external agents, the hair is losing health, presenting itself without shine and with an opaque appearance. Open tips are one of the main alarm signals. When your hair becomes brittle and flexible, and your hair is off and with very dry and open ends, your hair is dry.

Treatment for dry and battered hair

Search your pharmacy for products that contain natural components. The best way to treat dry hair are oily products such as coconut, olive or argan oils and products such as avocado, honey and banana.

Coconut oil,which is high in vitamin E, fat and essential oils.

Argan oil will give your hair a change as it has an ultra moisturizing power that manages to repair the driest hair.

Olive oil. Nowadays it is easy to find it in many products. If your hair is dry, apply a product that includes olive oil among its components because in addition to the moisturizing properties it gives a spectacular shine to our hair.

Honey miel provides nutrients and protects our hair from external aggressions. You can find honey masks that can do very well for your hair type.

Natural products such as avocado and banana are also very effective as they provide nutrients and vitamins that have a very positive influence on the appearance of our hair.

How to moisturize hair

Keep in mind that you should take care of your diet,as everything influences the appearance of our scalp and hair.

It is important to drink water in abundance, our hair needs to be hydrated and we can start from within. Take juices and nutritious foods that are rich in vitamins.

In addition, increasing your intake of low-fat proteins will help you get healthier and healthier hair. If you include lean meats and protein-rich fish to your diet, you'll be helping your scalp and hair.

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