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Hair dyes

When the first grays begin to come out we can choose to dye our hair, but we must do it with quality products that assure us, not only the coating of the gray hair but also the care of our hair.

In addition, many times we dye our hair simply by changing the appearance, without the appearance of the dreaded gray hairs, so, if we enter that routine of dyeing our hair, we cannot do it with aggressive products.

Ammonia-free hair dyes

More and more men are taking care of their appearance and decide to apply a dye to their hair to remove gray hair, for all of them there are specific dyes that are very fast and easy to apply,with which they get the best results.

They are products that act on gray hairs eliminating 100% and that are applied as a normal shampoo, achieving the desired result in just five minutes.

Pharmacy GT offers you within the hygiene section a section with hair care where, in addition to the dyes that we are presenting you on this page.

Natural hair dyes

The first thing you need to do is choose the right tone within the wide range we can offer you. We advise you that if it is the first time you are going to dye your hair use a lighter shade so that the result is not too dark in your hair.

When you're applying it, keep in mind that it's best to do it at least 24 hours after washing your hair, so that the dye penetrates better.

Spread the whole dye mixture over your hair, starting with the areas that have the most gray hairs and ending with the rest. Wear gloves so you don't get smeared and massage to better spread throughout your hair.

It's time to wait the five minutes necessary for the dye to work and then you can rinse in the shower.

Wait until you see the water flow clean, without traces of tincture, and apply your usual shampoo with a conditioner to help protect the color.

You only have to dry and comb as usual and you will have managed to give a turn to your image, rejuvenating it by removing the gray hairs.

Hair dyes at GT OnLine Pharmacy

Our online parapharmacy has the products you are looking for for the care of your hair, such as the dyes of the best quality that you will find on the market.

Trust Pharmacy GT and enjoy your new image by buying online hair dyes from the most prestigious brands of the moment.