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Hardness and cracks 

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Hardness and cracks

Hardness feet, calluses and cracked heels

If your feet are dry and cracked you should treat them to get them back to their natural state. Aesthetics is important but it's not just a question of aesthetics but also of health.

Removes hardness feet electric

All the body weight falls on our feet, and if they are in bad condition, or some crack or hardness causes us to step badly, it can have consequences on the rest of our body,causing back pain.

Our daily routines should include caring for and cleaning our feet, and in the most specific cases, when the feet have dryness and cracks, care should be more specific.

Check with your pharmacist for the product that best suits your needs and apply it to your advice.

Feet need repair and protection to prevent new hardness. The products you can buy today for the treatment of dry feet offer you the possibility to keep them careful, hydrated and protected.

Cracks can hurt and can accumulate dirt. For this reason the feet should always be kept clean and protected from germs.

Get used to washing your feet whenever you get home from work. If you clean and moisturize your feet daily, it's easier for dryness and cracks to disappear.

Cracks require a more specific treatment that only involves applying a cream for cracks in the feet, adding it to our daily routines with an ultra-hydrating cream and an exfoliating cream once a week.

With a simple gesture you can notice incredible benefits.

Removes hardnesses Dr scholl feet and other brands in GT Pharmacy

These specific products for dry and cracked feet, can be found in different formats, being creams and lotions the most common. But we can also find foot scrubs that are applied in the shower and moisturizers and ultra-moisturizers with the same type of application, activating with wet or wet skin.

In most cases the products are quickly absorbed to facilitate their application, and include components such as glycerin and petroleum jelly, which are highly moisturizing. It is advisable to apply an ultra-hydrating cream at night and cover the feet with socks to make the effect more intense.

Among its components you should look for creams that contain glycerin and vaseline, which as we have already mentioned, moisturize with intensity, and Allantoin that is a component that promotes the process of natural healing of the skin,accelerating it and getting the skin to regenerate on its own, achieving a greater softness.



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