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Hand soap 

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Hand soap

Hand soap

As important as washing your hands is doing it with a suitable soap. At Farmacia GT we offer you the hand soap that you need so that the care of your hands is the most effective, maintaining softness and protecting them without drying the skin.

Discover which are the main properties of the best hand soap on the market and take care of them, achieving a very soft and pleasant texture .

Natural hand soap

Following cleaning routines is essential to avoid many infections, as well as the spread of diseases, therefore, wash our hands after using the bathroom, when we get home from the street, after walking the dog, before handling food, etc., it is essential to avoid all those diseases and infections that can be contracted by the spread of bacteria, etc.

At Farmacia GT we offer you the highest quality hand soap you will find on the market, such as Calendula vegetable soap, which is especially good for sensitive skin and which contains ingredients such as palm, olive, coconut, and olive oils. essentials, water, glycerin, chamomile and many others that accompany calendula extract to ensure that the skin on your hands is protected and soft as well as clean and disinfected.

Within our hand and foot care products section, where you will find the hand soap that we present here, you can also find other products for the treatment of hardness and cracks or for sweat .

Our hygiene products include in addition to the hand soap that we present here, many other sections with products such as:

Pharmacy Hand Soap

Without a doubt, your pharmacy is the best place and that's why Farmacia GT offers it to you at the best price in the market in its online pharmacy, so that you can also buy what you need from your pharmacy, online and without having to travel, receiving it at your own home in no time.

Discover everything that your trusted pharmacy can offer you at a very affordable price.



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