Urine leakage

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Within our intimate hygiene section you will find the specific products for involuntary urine loss of the bladder, indicated for all kinds of needs, both for men and women in its different stages, even if having symptoms of pregnancy or menopause.

Pharmacy GT has the pharmaceutical brands that best result provide over involuntary urination due to its absorbent quality compresses, and offers them at a very economical price so you can access them easily.

Solution to urine loss

Many women suffer urinary incontinence throughout their lives, after a natural delivery it is usual to have to exercise the strengthening of the pelvic floor to prevent the loss of involuntary urine, in the same way, with age and after menopause, urine loss becomes more common when the bladder is affected.

Men can also have it, whether it's from problems with the prostate, surgical interventions, bladder brim, or other factors. These are the ones that enable the existence of urinary loss in males, there are multiple ways to solve these incontinence, both with pelvic floor exercises, drugs, or even surgery of prostate among others...

In addition to products for involuntary urine loss ...

Pharmacy GT also has a large section dedicated entirely to intimate personal hygiene,where apart from finding products to solve the small urinary losses like the ones that we are presenting to you here, you will find many other intimate hygiene products such as intimate gels among other specific products for vaginal dryness.