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Vaginal dryness 

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Vaginal dryness

Vaginal dryness

Vaginal dryness is one of the main problems that women see their gynecologists, and it is a much more common vulvar problem than we think. In Pharmacy GT we have a wide variety of products for vaginal dryness,hand in hand with the best pharmaceutical brands of the moment.

Discover in our online parapharmacy a wide section of products of intimate hygiene, among which we highlight those intended to solve the problems of itching, itching or pain that generates vaginal dryness or vulvar, that we are presenting here.

Main causes of vaginal dryness

Many women experience vaginal dryness during sex and may feel discomfort, even feeling pain or stinging, is something known as dyspareunia and that, in many cases, causes many women to not want to have sex due to that same vaginal sting.

Otros factors that can cause vaginal dryness may include menopause, pregnancy, insufficient estrogen, vaginitis, stress, or certain hormonal medications.

Menopause is the most common cause of vaginal dryness,as ovarian function in the vagina ceases due to hormonal change and decreases the level of estrogen that the woman produces, although this does not have to be the reason for the vaginal dryness in question, since there are more possible factors for this lack of lubrication as mentioned above.

There are many products that help you avoid this lack of lubrication, such as vaginal lubricants,or our series of products against vaginal dryness,facilitating the reduction of all discomfort in the vulvar area instantly and providing very pleasant lubrication.

In addition to vaginal dryness ...

In our online parapharmacy we have a large section dedicated to personal intimate hygiene,in which you will find everything related to vaginal dryness that we are showing you here, such as the series of products of intimate gels or also specific products for urine loss.



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