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Electric brushes

Electric toothbrush

Daily oral hygiene is essential to maintain a nice, healthy, infection-free mouth. To do this, the most important instrument for this task is the toothbrush. Brushing your teeth is not about passing the brush through your mouth to remove the feeling of dirt after meals, but requires a certain technique to prevent the appearance of tartar, cavities, inflammation of the gums... If you are demanding with oral hygiene the best choice is an electric brush. The reasons, below.

Advantages of the electric brush

1. Brushing technique: not all of us brush our teeth conveniently. Children should be taught and people with reduced mobility and other conditions that affect mobility cannot brush properly. For these cases, a toothbrush is ideal, as the movements that need to be performed are much simpler than in a normal brushing.

2. Deep cleaning with less effort: by making the movements through you, the electric brush achieves a good cleaning with less effort limiting the movements in passing the brush through the different areas of the mouth with the same effectiveness as a good conventional brushing with greater effectiveness.

3. Electric brush add-ons: Electric brushes feature various functions to help us improve our brushing. They include pressure sensor,(which make the brush stop if the applied pressure is excessive) timer (to make sure we have brushed long enough) and speed regulator (so as not to damage the gums if you have them sensitive or regulate the cleaning according to the area of the mouth that we are cleaning).

4. It is not necessary to change the whole brush when it is old: it is advisable to change brushes every 3 months, as the bristles are losing effectiveness while they can be harmful to our gums over time. Electric brushes should not be changed whole, but changing the head is sufficient.

Also Electric toothbrush for children

For complete oral hygiene, it's not just brushing your teeth, rinsing with a mouthlight and using dental tape, interproximal brushes or an irrigator will make our mouth free of plaque and make you look good in a good smile for a long time. All these products are available in GT pharmacy at your disposal.

And for the little ones, we have this selection of toothbrushes for kids.



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