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Children's toothbrush

Find in apothekegt, the most effective children's oral hygiene brushes on the market and also the most fun,with designs that the little ones will love. They are designed to be soft and comfortable for them.

The importance of good oral hygiene starts from a small age, it is important that they acquire it as a routine and get used to it, so that they keep their teeth and gums always in their best condition.

Washing your teeth with a proper brush is caring for children, it will help take care of their gums and their first teeth.

The best tooth brushing for children rinses, gel and toothpaste

Dental brushes, dental fluoride, tooth gel, mouthwash and everything you need for your children's oral hygiene is at your fingertips in our online parapharmacy at an exclusive price that you can buy and receive at your own home in a few days.

We must instill in our children the habit of maintaining adequate dental hygiene from a young age, keeping annual reviews at the dentist to check that everything follows its course correctly and correct possible errors before there may be possible diseases or infections.

You can also purchase other similar items such as orthodontic products, toothpaste or specific treatments.

Correct tooth brushing for children

From the illusion of the first diente it is necessary to brush (4-6 months of the baby).

Steps for the best brushing for our child:

  1. Choose the materials: the first thing is advisable to stimulate the baby. For example it is simple at bath time, and we can do it with a silicone thimble or a little gauze that cleans your gums. When you already have teeth you need to select the right brush. We should select brushes suitable for your age. For example at first you have a tiny head, soft bristles and adapted handle (both so that parents can catch it well and so that children can pick up the toothbrush and want to brush their teeth as a game.
  2. Upper maxilla: instead of placing the paste on the brush, better the brush on the paste. It is advisable to put very little quantity. Brushing should be fast and effective.
  3. Jaw: very important to clean in the space between the tooth and the gum. It is important to remove all bacterial plaque in babies.

It is recommended that the child can play with the toothbrush, so that he or she takes it as a game and likes it much more to brush. In turn, brush children's teeth at least 2 times a day, mainly at night.