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Lacer Gingilacer Mouthwash 500 ml


GingiLacer is developed to reduce plaque formation, while restoring the good condition of gingival tissues.

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Properties in GigiLacer Colutorio

GingiLacer Colutorio manages to decrease plaque forming and also restores gingival tissues. Its antiplate property is achieved thanks to the synergistic action of triclosan and zinc chloride.

Avoid prolonged bacterial action. This is thus achieved that dental plaque is formed and does not result from it gingivitis.

Added to this, the xylitol cares for tooth enamel and minimizes sticking the plaque to it. It can prevent bleeding from the gums caused by gingivitis.

It also contains enoxolone as it is very effective when the gums are inflamed and bleeding. This Colutorio achieves epithelial regeneration of the gums, as well as toning and reinforcing them to make them stronger.

This product tastes like mint. And thanks to Vitamin E it manages to protect the gums and neutralize the action of free radicals.

GingiLacer Colutorio components

• Triclosan 0.15 g

• Zinc chloride 0.10 g

• Vitamin E acetate 0.04 g

• Xilitol 1 g

• 100 ml flavoured non-alcoholic excipient

How I use the Lacer GingiLacer

The care and cleanliness of the mouth is one of the most important aspects in daily care. The goal of good oral hygiene is to remove plaque and bacteria. You need to clean your teeth every day. This brushing is done to remove food residues that are ingested.

After brushing your teeth, a mouthwash with about 15 ml of mouthwash is necessary without first diluting it. It should be held in your mouth for at least a minute and not eaten for food or drink until it is 10 to 15 minutes.

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Lacer Gingilacer Mouthwash 500 ml

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