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Mouth spray

Oral spray

The care of our mouth not only includes brushing the teeth but can be complemented with mouthwashes and sprays that make our oral hygiene more effective and complete.

Mouth spray for sores

Specific products for xerostomy or dry mouth, whose formulation refreshes the mouth and cries out oral dryness, may be purchased. In addition, these products prevent the occurrence of possible alterations arising from the lack of saliva.

Among their functions, these sprays achieve a reinforcing effect of the gums and remineralize the enamel.

It can be used to balance saliva, protect against cavities, remineralize tooth enamel, tone gums and also prevent inflammation and bleeding of the gums.

Although the main feature of oral sprays is that they neutralize bad breath and bad taste in the mouth.

Otros similar products are indicated as a large protective screen against bacterial plaque microorganisms. They also have a fairly pleasant taste to facilitate their application.

Fast-acting, these oral sprays maintain their effect for a long time to prevent the appearance of bacteria.

Among the main components of one of these Oral Sprays we can find chlorhexidine that works by eliminating and preventing the formation of new bacterial plaque and also destroys the microorganisms responsible for dental plaque. This component is recommended as support for gingivitis and periodontitis treatments and is effective as therapy in dental treatments.

We can find mouth spray indicated for the improvement of canker sores, sores, irritations, ulcers and injuries of any tupo.

Bad breath oral spray

Bad breath can be caused by many aspects. For example, low-carb diets can produce bad breath.

Halitosis is when bad breath is permanently held and is usually associated with poor oral hygiene although it can be due to certain diseases.

Get a more complete cleaning by adding to your daily oral hygiene routine the use of a mouth spray that eliminates odor.

Come to your pharmacy and consult with your pharmacist. There are different products that can help you fight bad breath.

Also remember that oral sprays can also be used to care for sores or wounds in your mouth so be sure to choose the mouth spray that best suits your needs.



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