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Dental orthodontics

The oral hygiene that must be performed when we have orthodontics must be special due to two reasons, keeping our mouth healthy and orthodontics in perfect condition. When we carry apparatus, special oral care is necessary because the teeth, gums and appliances accumulate a greater amount of bacterial plaque and food in addition to the rubbing of the device can cause inflammation of the gums and even ulcers. For this there are collusions, pastes and waxes with special properties to keep our teeth healthy.

Removable orthodontic cleaning

Fixed orthodontics must be differentiated from those that can be removed, as each one requires special care. If we have a removable device we must prevent them from breaking or deforming, because if this happens they lose effect, or worse, they can even deform the denture. Therefore it is necessary to put it in your box as long as it is not in the mouth. To clean them there are effervescent tablets that, when poured into the water together with the appliance, remove plaque and microorganisms in order to keep the appliance clean and thus prevent infections.

In the case of removable orthodontics there are special pastes and colutorios that prevent the appearance of microbes, and increase the protection of gingival and remineralization of tooth enamel. There are also special waxes to reduce friction in order to avoid chafing and irritation in the mouth produced by the appliance.

Fixed orthodontic cleaning

When we put on a dental device, the dentist always reminds us that we have to avoid using hard objects in the mouth such as chopsticks, biting our nails, pencils, as they can bend the wires or peel off the devices. There are also a number of foods to avoid, which are nuts, gum, candy, bone olives, chocolate, ice... is to dedir, any hard or sugar-containing food in large quantities.

Cleaning teeth with orthodontics

Brushing your teeth daily is essential to keep a mouth healthy, but brushing is even more important when we wear orthodontics. The devices cause more plaque and food to accumulate between the teeth, so if we do not brush our teeth properly the plaque will accumulate and our gums will be inflamed.

You have to clean your teeth after each meal, not letting more than 5 minutes pass. If it's impossible for you, rinsing with water is a good idea, but only in exceptional cases. It is advisable to always carry a travel brush when we are going to eat out of the house so that we can brush our teeth anywhere.