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Dental floss


Don't limit daily oral cleaning to your toothbrush. Although we use the brush correctly 3 times a day there are areas that can not reach, the interdental areas, therefore there are areas of our dentures where the plate camps at its wide and that we NEVER clean. It may seem silly, but plaque buildup produces stones that damage our gums by inflating them and making them bleed. In addition to 50% of cavities occurring between the teeth. Therefore, if you bleed from your gums when brushing your teeth, it's most likely due to excess plaque between your teeth.

To avoid these problems, and thus, avoid any visit to the dentist, there is silk, tape or floss. Using them BEFORE brushing, (so you can penetrate better then the paste) will remove the plaque in its entirety from the teeth.

Dental thread types

Its difference lies in form. The silk is circular and the tape is flat and the thread is a thread. All are equal to effective, depending on the use of one or the other of the consumer's taste.

In addition, the ribbons, threads and silks include fluoride and mint to provide a greater cleanliness and feeling of freshness, and even some of them present wax for easier sweep between the teeth.

If there are areas of the mouth that you can not reach there is a tool called an ice holder that will help us to reach the areas that we can not with our fingers. There are also interproximal brushes such as substitutes for tape, thread and silk, which can be found in section ctooth buttons and accessories of the GT pharmacy.

Floss before or after brushing

To use them with property requires a good technique, which we will develop below:

  • The first thing to do is to cut about 50 cm and roll up by three turns on the heart finger of the right hand. Then do the same with the left hand, so that about 10 cm remain between them of tape, thread or silk.
  • The next step is to hold those 10 cm of silk between your hands with your index and thumb fingers, making a tweezer. That's when we'll proceed to clean up the interdental space. To do this we must keep the tape taut and pass it between the teeth and make a saw movement. Be careful to do it abruptly, as we could damage our gums.
  • Perform this procedure throughout the inerproximal zone

Advantages of flossing

The use of silk has always been oriented to cases of sensitive gums due to its circular shape, which when influenced with the gums does not exert as much aggression as can happen with the thread.

Also in the latest models of silk for the teeth are different flavors that will bring greater comfort and feeling of cleanliness in the mouth. Find the flavor you like the most since we have them all, mint, strawberry, neutral... No doubt with the use of silk you won't miss brushing at that time when you can't perform complete dental hygiene.

Floss or floss can also be found with wax or fluoride, ideal for more complete results and preventing conditions such as gingivitis.

For children, we have other dental hygiene solutions, toothbrushes,fluoride and denpheric gel.



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