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Cold sores 

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Cold sores

Aftas bucales treatment

In Pharmacy GT we offer you the specific products necessary to cure and recover your mouth from ulcers or mouth canker sores.

Find the best products, quality and most effective in our pharmacy.

Treatment of mouth canker sores at GT Pharmacy

They are ulcers in the mouth that can appear in the form of sores and in pain. They are usually white or yellowish, and are surrounded by inflammation by a reddish area. We need to clarify that an afta is not the same as cold sores.

They are ulcers that can be accompanied or as a result of certain viral infections, although in many cases you cannot know the cause of their appearance.

They may also have to do with certain problems and deficiencies that present the immune system of the person who suffers them, since they may be the result of some oral lesions as a result of dental treatment,by a dental cleaning too aggressive, for giving us a bite when chewing, ...

On the other hand there are some factors that can also lead to such problems, such as stress, vitamin deficiency, hormone changes, allergies, etc.

Treatment for mouth canker sores in adults and children

In the simplest cases, canker sores disappear without using any specific treatment, however, when we have an afta in our mouth we should try to avoid certain foods and drinks that can cause us pain.

To treat them, if we want them to disappear more quickly,we can use one of the many specific products that are for sale in pharmacies, and that Pharmacy GT offers you at the best price.

There are different treatment formats that can help such as the colutorios, gels, spray, ...

It will depend on the type of treatment we need, whether the sore is very large or small, the location of it inside the mouth, etc., so that we choose one type of product or another.

There are mouthwashes that are good not only to cure mouth canker sores but also to prevent the appearance of them,something that can be very useful for example in the case of the use of dentures, prostheses, implants, orthodontics, etc., and being in a liquid format facilitates the homogeneity of their application.

In the case of more specific canker sores, at a certain point in the mouth, a gel or direct spray may be a better solution.

However, it will depend on both the type of injury and the tastes of the person for their application.

In addition to products for mouth canker sores ...

Pharmacy GT offers you within its hygiene section a wide and varied range of products specific to different types of needs, among which we can highlight oral hygiene where, in addition to basic products such as toothbrushes and toothpastes,among others, you will also find a section dedicated to specific treatments where you will find the products to treat oral canker sores that we present here.



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