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Interdental brushes

Interdental and interproximal brushes

Cleaning your teeth the right way is something that we all want to do, but that many times, due to lack of time, conceptions or usual, we leave it half thought that brushing our teeth 3 times a day is enough. But or so, plaque also accumulates in interdental spaces, forming calculations that can inflame the gums and cause cavities (studies have determined that 50% of cavities originate in interdental spaces).

In addition to cavities and gum inflammation, poor oral hygiene can lead to infections, bad breath, and even chronic gingivitis with bleeding gums.

To clean up the interdental spaces there are two specific methods. The first is using the classic dental tape or floss that everyone knows, but we lack in habit of using it and it can be somewhat heavy and that many people end up leaving. The second, and most comfortable, option is interdental brushes.

How interdental brushes are used

As its name suggests, they are brushes to clean between our teeth, so that all we have to do is catch them and proceed to clean them, with asingle gesture,not as on the ribbons and sedes that you have to first take a puppy, roll it between your fingers... They are composed of a handle and head containing a filament of polyurethane-coated stainless steel so as not to damage the gums. They are also designed with flexible materials to fit into the cavities of your mouth effortlessly.

There are two types of shape of interdental brushes,being straight or angular, being able to choose the one that best suits your tastes, since both are equally effective.

As for how to use, it is advisable to follow these tips:

1. Loosely insert the brush so that the filaments are in contact with the teeth.

2. Move the brush from the inside out but without turning it.

Brush sizes

Depending on the interdental space you have, you should use or an interdental brush and another, which are as follows:

Ultra-thin: for extremely narrow spaces. (0.45mm)

Soft extrafine: for very narrow and sensitive spaces. (0.5mm)

Extrafino: for very narrow spaces. (0.6mm)

Fine: For narrow spaces. (0.7mm)

Conical: for medium and large spaces. (0.8mm)

If you do not know which interdental brush is necessary for you or you need of various sizes there is CIL selection,a pack that includes an interdental brush of each size so you can choose yours.

For children these products are not recommended, so we have a specific section of dental hygiene for them with toothbrushes adapted for children.

Cheap interdental lacer brushes and all brands

In Pharmacy GT we offer you the widest variety of interdental brushes at the best price so you can have the best hygiene possible without your pocket feeling about it. Take care of your oral hygiene with the best brushing products on the market and get a clean and healthy smile. Don't forget to combine your interproximal brushes with a good toothpaste,and after that a powerful mouthwash. Complete your daily dental hygiene with flossing to have a perfect smile.

Oral hygiene is very important and the fact that we neglect it can pass us bills later, so do not hesitate and choose the interdental brush that suits you best.



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