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Body scrub

Exfoliation is a skin care routine consisting of the removal of dead cells accumulated in the epidermis that prevent skin breathing. Exfoliation accelerates the natural renewal of different dermal layers and promotes superficial blood microcirculation.

Which product should be chosen? each area of the body requires a specific exfoliator for it. If the preparation is used for another area, the skin may become irritated, or the product may be ineffective.

Better, pharmacy body scrub

For the body,it uses stronger scrubs than for the skin,with crystals of sea salts, camomile or natural loofahfibers. Body skin has different thickness and properties than that of the face, so it requires a specific product.

How to exfoliate the skin

Use a specific product for the body, in this case you will need the grain to be thicker so that it better drags dead cells and dirt accumulated on the skin.

Circular movements always from the bottom up, so that it does not damage the skin, therefore without squeezing. The results will be instantly detectable, noticing your skin smoother and smoother, being at the same time more pleasant to the touch.

The best body scrub cream

In farmaciagt we are sure that you will find the body scrub that suits your needs and that is why we have a range of products so you can choose the right one.

Remember that all our products are made by pharmaceutical firms and pharmacy cosmetics always take care of your health.