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RepairIng Cream

Sometimes the skin suffers from dermatitis and epidermal alterations that we must take care of. Restorative creams are the right product for these cases. A restorative cream ensures long-lasting regeneration and hydration for the skin; and is indicated to soothe and improve skin dryness, roughness, redness, immediate relief for reactive skin or soothe the skin after sun exposure.

Body restorative cream

Choose a soothing restorative balm that helps you regain the skin's natural state, with antibacterial agents,can be applied throughout the body, including the face and lips. This product restores the skin, restores flexibility and eliminates scaly areas especially in the elbows, feet, hands and knees.

You can find other types of restorative creams with high restorative power for occasional skin discomfort,which are applied at the moment without the need to use them as a treatment.

Lips are often easily dehydrated, even cracking as a result of sudden changes in temperature, or certain foods. The use of a lip protector helps to repair and protect your skin thanks to the selection of specific ingredients of its formulation. They make them up.

Irritated skin repairing cream

The areas prone to drying out of our bodies are elbows, knees, hands and feet. With restorative creams you can treat the conditions in those areas. These creams are also indicated for irritated skin after hair removal or sun exposure, acting as aftersun in sensitive areas such as face and shoulders. It can also be used as a complement to manicure to remove roughness and cuticles.

Moisturizing repairer cream results

  • It works as a protective cream to prevent hardness in both feet and hands.
  • It heals,restores and repairs the skin to recover its natural well-being and flexibility.
  • Calm,having soothing actives that help relieve itching and skin irritations.
  • Itregenerates, as it activates the cells responsible for skin regeneration.
  • Antibacterial,by combining copper sulfate and zinc sulfate, reduces the risk of bacterial proliferation.

The skin should be cleaned properly before using a restorative cream,and then apply the cream to act on damaged skin areas. Check with your trusted pharmacy which repair cream is best for you.