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Inneov Densilogy 60 Capsules


Preserves the anchoring membrane, more volume and density of hair for 8 out of 10 women.

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What is Inneov Densilogy? Inneov Densilogy contains a unique nutrient complex: it combines 100% of the recommended daily intake of vitamin D, essential for the body and usually not present in the diet, essential fatty acids Omega 3 and zinc, anchorage and growth: greater volume and density in 8 out of 10 women, tested in a clinical study of 118 women for 6 months. As you can lose up to 35,000 hairs in a year, although this is not the case in cases where pathological conditions exist, based on a normal daily loss of a hundred hairs But stress, hormonal changes or aging are also aggressions that can alter the environment of the bulb, the center of hair production, and recent scientific studies reveal that hair is anchored to a vital membrane that protects the bulb during its growth phase How Inneov Densilogy works It acts on the bulb from the inside strengthening its anchorage. Contains zinc, which contributes to the normal synthesis of proteins, including keratin, and to the maintenance of normal hair. Density improvements: Improved hair quality in 95% of women* Improved mane volume in 86% of women* Increase in hair diameter in 78% of women* Proven effective on brittle and fragile nails after one month of treatment**. * Dermatologically controlled clinical trial conducted on 118 women over 6 months. *Clinical study conducted on 50 women over 3 months. Active ingredients ofInneov Densilogy Vitamin D: we get it from sun exposure and fish consumption, as they contribute to the reinforcement of the hair structure, the innéov Laboratories have chosen vitamin D for its role in the cell division process. Omega 3 essential fatty acids (DHA, EPA, ALA): Omega 3 are essential fatty acids provided by food, our superiority: 3 different forms of Omega 3 are available in combination with fish oils and blackcurrant seed oil selected for their high concentration in EPA, DHA and ALA which have complementary properties. Zinc: This essential mineral for the body can only be provided by food, which is why innéov has concentrated 70% of the recommended daily nutritional intake of zinc in its new Densilogy formula***. This trace element is an essential reference active ingredient for the proper functioning of hair and nails: it contributes to normal hair maintenance and protein synthesis, including keratin, the protein that makes up hair fibre. *Zinc contributes to the normal synthesis of proteins, including keratin, and the maintenance of normal hair. How to take Inneov Densilogy It is a supplement for adult women with hair loss, loss of capillary volume and/or brittle nails, who take 2 capsules daily, for at least 3 months, improving hair appearance, nail weakness and volume loss. With all the guarantees of Inneov's efficiency and safety. Contraindications of Inneov Densilogy This food supplement is for adults only, as long as they are not pregnant or breastfeeding women Not suitable for people with fish sensitivity or allergy. If you are being treated with ferric supplements, such as in case of anemia, for example, you should separate the Inneov Densiology intake from the iron treatment for at least 3 hours, to prevent the iron from being completely absorbed. Inneov Densilogy's opinions about our customers in the pharmacy after months of taking the capsules, my hair has much more volume and quantity The product has met 100% of my expectations, my nails and hair are much stronger

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Inneov Densilogy 60 Capsules

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