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Moisturizing creams for the body

The moisturizing products that we can obtain in the pharmacy are perfect to give our skin highly nutritious active ingredients. With moisturizing effect immediately that penetrates the surface layers of the epidermis. They moisturize instantly and so deeply that the skin maintains the feeling of elasticity and softness in a lasting way.

Body treatments are procedures to improve body skin health through procedures such as exfoliation, creams, body masks or peelings, among others. The skin of the body needs specific care due to its tendency to dry and flaking.

Benefits of body moisturizers

The components of these moisturizing cosmetics prevent premature aging of the skin, in addition to activating circulation. They are easy to apply and absorb products quickly,with the result of a velvety veil on the skin. You may find products with delicate and pleasant aromas, but if your skin tends to get irritated it is better to choose some free alcohol product that does not contain fragrances.

There are specific treatments for dry skin, very dry or irritated and itchy, and treatments with beautifying creams that regenerate the skin, maintaining its natural tone and leaving it flexible.

How to improve your body hydration

The products should be applied daily, in the morning and at night, with a light massage by the body with circular movements to favor their penetration and activation of circulation.

Before and after physical activity, certain moisturizers may be applied with medicinal plant extracts that help rest the skin and soothe with chafing; facilitate muscle recovery and restore skin tone. If applied with a massage, the moisturiser gives you a warmth effect that helps relax your muscles. If used daily it helps to keep the skin elastic and healthy by stimulating.

Other moisturizing products are used daily after showering on wet skin,massaging to apply the product and aid its penetration. Older people should also use these products after bathing, to activate circulation and maintain body temperature.

OnLine Moisturizing Cream

Flavored lotions and creams are used as skin beautifiers. Using these products on wet skin facilitates reabsorption and nourishes and moisturizes in depth.

Find in apothekegt the hydration products you want: moisturizer, body oil, anti-imperfection cream,or psoriasis cream and acne cream,in addition to receiving the advice of professionals who will help you better choose your cosmetic solution



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