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Facial care

Facial care is based on skin cleansing and maintenance routines through cosmetics tailored to each skin type. Good care involves four steps: cleaning, toning, caring and protecting. For skin types, there are:

  • Normal skin,or eudermal skin. Well balanced: neither fat nor excess dry.
  • Dry skin. Produces less sebum than normal skin, the skin lacks lipids that conform to a hydration shield against environmental aggressions. Dry skin is noticeable rough and dull.
  • Oily,or seborrica skin. Produces excess sebum. It is bright with visible pores.
  • Mixed skin. It consists of a mixture of skins that vary between the T-zone and the cheeks.

In certain situations, one skin type may appear to be characteristics of another in a circumstantial way. Therefore, to determine the type of skin it is important, in case of doubt, to go to the pharmacist or dermatologist to carry out the relevant tests and prescribe the appropriate skin treatment. If the one corresponding to another skin type is used, there is a risk of allergic reactions or aggravation of existing skin conditions.

Facial care for women

Following daily facial care will help keep your skin clean and free of impurities. It is not about putting all the cosmetic products that we find on our face, but applying those that are the most suitable for our skin type. Routines are important for the care of our skin. Only in this way will we be able to keep our skin healthy and looking good. Here are some tips for you to start your own face care routine:

  • The routine of female facial care and cleansing of the face should start in the morning with a facial cleansing that we get with a soft cleansing product, so that it removes all impurities from our skin, for example a cleansing foam or a cleansing milk. Remember to be specific to your face and skin type.

  • Next we should use a facial tonic,if possible without alcohol, to help restore the pH of the skin of the face.

Once these first two steps are applied, our skin will be ready for hydration:

  • We start with a cosmetic cream for the eye contour,we must put a small amount on the bud of our fingers and apply it with a few small taps all over the contour, without abuse and without rubbing.

  • Finally we must apply a moisturizer that keeps the skin of our face hydrated throughout the day.

The cosmetic products and facial care treatments offered by Pharmacy Gt are of quality at a very economical price, so that everyone can boast of a healthy face.

On the other hand, we must take very into account micellar water as it is a product that can be a revolution for your skin, since it cleanses, tones and moisturizes, providing a feeling of well-being and pleasure, with a completely clean skin, and using a single product.

If you never find time to give you all the cleansing cosmetic products, moisturizers, etc., micellar water may be your best ally that purifies the skin of the face by removing toxins and cleans the dermis.

Daily facial care products

At Pharmacy GT we can offer you all the facial care products you need, since we have a wide range of brands and products for each skin type.

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