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Day creams for the face

The main function of day cream is skin protection against external aggressions,especially UVB-UVA rays. For this reason, these products incorporate sun protection indices – at most, SPF 15-. Another function of the cream of daily use is to hydrate, control the evaporation of water and promote the formation of a protective barrier against environmental pollution-. A day cream should also brighten the face and disguise stains, so they add in their formulation hyaluronic acid, collagen and antioxidant vitamins, among other components.

GT Pharmacy has a variety of skin creams with which you can complete your daily facial careroutine.

Protect your skin with day cream

Contamination affects skin health. In the air there is a suspension of smoke, dust, or industrial chemicals; without adding the measure to which we expose ourselves to the sun's rays and the cellular damage caused by their action free radicals. The best way to avoid premature wrinkles is prolonged exposure to the sun and contaminated places. As a preventive measure, you need a daily skin care routine that reduces the impact of environmental aggression.

Sunscreen day cream

Prolonged sun exposure causes premature skin photoaging in the form of spots, wrinkles or sagging. A sun cream for the face, neck and décoon will protect the skin thanks to high-performance filters with UVA and UVB rays. Certain creams are also enriched with vitamin E, antioxidant against the harmful effects of free radicals. To choose the ideal day cream, the following must be taken into account:

The type of skin (dry, fat, mixed, delicate, etc.
Sun protection factor (SPF); the higher the better.
Allergys and reactions to different components.
The phototype in which our skin is framed: the lighter, the more protection it requires.
The particular needs of the skin: hydration, avoiding stains, controlling sebum, etc.
• Make it an easy solution to apply.

Day creams for oily and mixed skin

Mixed or oily skin has its advantages (and a disadvantage). It is thicker than those of dry skin and it will be more difficult to get many wrinkles; will be deeper, but less. The downside is that it produces a lot of fat and touches dealing with acne and unwanted shines. To properly manage the hydration of this type of skin, it is essential to start specific products, as a cream for another type of skin, could accelerate the production of sebum and cause allergies.

For dry or very dry skin

This type of skin produces less sebum than normal skin and lacks the lipids needed to retain moisture and form a protective shield. A dry complexion will often be sensitive. It is important to avoid using products that contain irritating components, such as perfumes and dyes. Check if your cream is dermatologically tested on sensitive skin.

Dry skin cream can contain hyaluronic acid,fill wrinkles and even serve as a foundation for makeup.

Anti-wrinkle day creams

To combat the signs of skin aging, dermatologists recommend snout a few minutes a day for face care with cosmetic products that stimulate collagen formation,as it prevents static wrinkles - those that are not generated with facial gestures.

Anti-aging day creams

Three antioxidant ingredients that should contain the anti-ageing cream (next to what is outlined in the above heading):

  • Retinol. Powerful antioxidant wrinkle-correcting, acne marks and skin stains.
  • Lystein. Isoflavine from the soy inhibitor of sun damage to the skin.
  • Niacinamide. Reduction of expression lines with anti-inflammatory and anti-stain properties.