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Day and night cream 

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Day and night cream

Day and night cream

They are long-lasting moisturizers with active ingredients that reproduce natural moisturizers of the skin and retain moisture for 24 hours. A treatment that helps you completely; multi-defense, protects the skin from cellular stress due to environmentally affected causes, heat stress and incorporates sun protection factor. Day and night moisturizer is often prescribed in dermatological treatments for its regenerative properties on epidermal cells and dermal proteins.

Choose the best cream day and night

This cream guarantees the facial care of your face with the virtues of both types of moisturizers in a two-in-one product. The day cream will provide hydration and protection, while the night cream nutrition and regeneration. This 24-hour cream also:

  • Increases Keratin synthesis
  • It activates the metabolic pathways of energy production, and brings vitality to the skin.
  • Activates protein synthesis -collagen, keratin, etc..
  • Reduces photoaging-induced stress by restoring damaged skin.

With aging it decreases the solubility of collagen and loses the water balance of the skin. The aging of the tissue, in turn, causes a decrease in cellular Hyaluronic Acid, which is attributed to loss of elasticity and the formation of wrinkles. For its properties, cream is a very powerful aging retardant. In addition, skin tissue that recovers optimal Hyaluronic Acid values gains in healing capacity and anti-inflammatory processes. Thanks to the properties cited, applying these creams daily has been shown to slow skin aging. Use it after cleansing, when the skin is already dry, and you are guaranteed the flexibility, tonicity and elasticity of the skin as well as hydration and stimulation of the skin lining

There are many day and night creams on the market and each is indicated for a different purpose. See which one you are looking for according to your skin type and you will enjoy the best results.



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