Sesderma Repaskin Mender Liposomal Serum 30 Ml.
  • Sesderma Repaskin Mender Liposomal Serum 30 Ml.

Sesderma Repaskin Mender Liposomal Serum 30 ml


Lipo-like serum with DNA repairing assets that prevents and treats skin photoaging. Baseline treatment prior to and after sun exposure. Prepares the skin and repairs damage.


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Protection is important, repair is vital.

The natural ability to repair the DNA of our cells decreases with age. During the day, solar radiation (UV) exerts harmful effects on the skin, altering the structure of cellular DNA. Thymine dimmers are produced that distort and modify its structure, which interfere with the DNA replication process. That is why it is important to restore the structure of DNA that has been damaged.

To counteract the harmful effects of UV radiation, our skin is equipped with a complex defensive system that neutralizes them. But most of the time this isn't enough. When UV radiation from the sun's rays reaches the skin, it reaches our cells and can form thymine dimers that distort and modify the structure of DNA. As a result, wrinkles, blemishes, burns... A silent and visible skin damage that we can now repair. Repaskin is a line with a new SHIELD-SYSTEM TECHNOLOGY designed to strengthen skin DNA protection and repair with studies demonstrating its effectiveness and results.

It is a unique combination of assets designed to protect and repair the damage that UV radiation causes in our cells, something that happens throughout the year, as well as in preventing the formation of free radicals, which damage the structure of DNA. To achieve the desired results, this line combines photoliase, endonucleases and exonucleases, enzymes encapsulated in liposomes that repair the molecular structure and 3 DNA stabilizers: Zinc, Amino Acids and Teprenonaliposomado.

Nano-sized liposomes (103 nm) allow to reach the deepest layers of the skin enassureing an excellent tolerance.

Main assets:

Placton liposomes, micrococcus liposomes, arabidopsisthaliana liposomes, amino acids and zinc chloride, teprenone.

How to use:

Apply 4 drops to the hand and massage the areas to be treated, until the product is completely absorbed.

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