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Anti-imperfection creams

Getting smooth skin is part of the aesthetic ideal of many people. Skin irregularities are varied and caused by various causes. Several can also arise at the same time. The most common are acne, dark circles, dull tone, bags or spots. For mature skin, cosmetic solutions have already been created because it is different the treatment of grains and oily skin of a non-adolescent skin. And for stains and redness of sensitive skin, there are also individualized solutions.

What are anti-imperfection creams for

Anti-imperfection cosmetics remove impurities from the skin and repair the skin with redness and inflamed granites. This type of creams unifies the skin tone and provides luminosity. They are easy to apply and incorporate in their preservative ingredients or perfumes - based on alcohol - that can irritate the skin.

Being hypoallergenic allow its continued use, and can form the foundation of makeup for women who do not have time for the morning skincare routine. With a single cream, defects such as acne wounds, scars and pores can be hydrated and nuanced.

Types of anti-imperfection moisturizers

There are various anti-imperfection products for both men and women. In addition, creams can be used perfectly as a foundation,eliminates the accumulation of dead cells from the surface of the skin and decrease the size of open pores. Of all skin types, it is oily and mixed skin that generates the most dermal problems.

Anti-imperfection creams stand out for their desiccant properties - they absorb excess fat in the skin, and the production of pimples is reduced. These products thoroughly cleanse the skin through its purifying and descaling active ingredients. To achieve optimal results, treatment should be applied two to three times each day, with an emphasis on areas where imperfections are located; the ointment accelerates the reabsorption process, so it is possible to prevent the marks on the skin by having it hydrated at all times.

The treatment starts with an exfoliating massage, ideal for those with pimples. Anti-imperfection cream for acne lesions contains salicylic acid to suppress red or pus-filled grains; by deeply absorbing the pores it destroys the bacteria that cause acne. Daily use of salicylic acid-containing solutions can dry out the skin, leaving it flaky. Subsequent moisturizing treatment restores moisture.

Before bedtime, treatment is applied throughout the face and acts during night rest.

Anti-shin creams

Anti-shin creams fight severe skin conditions and can smooth the face; they give you a younger appearance and act as a barrier so that irritants do not come into contact with our skin. Some of them with peeling effect are purifying and smooth the skin, limit the formation of new brands.

Sometimes these specific cosmetic products are composed of soothing elements such as hot springs,to provide a feeling of well-being on the skin.

It combines the use of our cosmetics against pimples with a daily beauty routine with which to keep the skin clean and hydrated to avoid the generation of black spots and spots. They can also be used anti-imperfections at night, after washing the face thoroughly so that its properties act during sleep hours. Remember to combine your face care treatment with facial cleansing products and moisturizing products.