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Anti Redness

Redness-free creams

The different kinds of redness are caused by deterioration of skin microcirculation. UV radiation from the sun, environmental pollution, weather hardness, certain foods and nervous stress cause the skin to react with inflammation of the capillaries. Circulatory deterioration causes itching, redness and tightness, and an anti-red moisturizer needs to be applied to the face and neck with an emphasis on sensitive areas.

The cosmetic treatment for skins prone to redness, with cuperosis or rosacea, consists of the application of specific maintenance cosmetics. One of the factors in rosacea evolution is a lack of skin care. This type of skin can be highly reactive, and have intolerance to certain products.

Why do we suffer the redness on our faces?

Certain skins are excessively sensitive to sudden changes in temperature, cold, wind, and also cosmetic and grooming products with which it is in contact. Due to seasonal changes, skin coloration can change suddenly, so extreme care is needed for certain days.

There are several degrees of redness

  • Grade 1: Here we find the intermittent redness,it is a dilation of the blood vessels of the cheeks temporarily, due to the factors mentioned above. We can also suffer them in a little stressful situations and also with especially hot meals and alcohol intake. In these last two cases with our diet we can get them reduced, because if we do not control them, redness can become permanent.

  • Grade 2: These are permanent colors or erythrosis. This is why it is especially important to control the temporary rosacea spots, to avoid reaching this erythrosis. They don't lead to any kind of disease, but they can mark our faces and gradually get bigger.

  • Grade 3: Cuperosis. It's those red capillaries marked on our cheeks. The capillaries so dilate and contract, in the end increase in size, and that is noticeable in our skin.

  • Grade 4: Red areas can produce juvenile acne-like granites. This phase is called rosacea and it is the one that marks our face the most.

There are specific treatments of anti-redness creams for each phase. These products reactivate the circulation of the capillaries, returning it to their normal flow, and removing those granites from the pink skin.

What is the most suitable redness cream for me?

  • If you have everything from flashing redness to cuperosis, you can choose a wide range.

  • If you have rosacea skin, there are more specific treatments, such as Leti sr serum and Sensibio AR cream.

  • If you have a skin with many pimples, we have Sebium AKN fluid polymorph acne.

  • If you have red spots with flakingsments, located on the nose, eyebrows, forehead or chin, the right choice is Sensibio DS Gel-Cream.

Remember that in addition to the use of redness cream, you must maintain facial cleansing and daily hydration to have healthy skin. In addition to our anti-redness creams, in farmaciagt you will find both makeup and lip protectors or sun creams guarantee that they will be perfect for your skin as they are dermatologically tested so as not to be reactive with the most sensitive skin.



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