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BB Cream

BB Cream

Discover BB Cream (Blemish Balm); all-in-one creams that reduce skin imperfections, fill wrinkles, correct glows, nuance redness and blemishes, and moisturize the skin with a brushstroke of color. If we add that they also protect from the sun: are we faced with a perfect cosmetic? is the new "must" of obligatory presence in your bag?

What is a BB Cream?

Blamish Bealm,literally: "Balmfor Imperfections", is a formula created by German dermatologists that was used since the late 1960s for medical purposes. The cream was applied in the postoperative to repair damaged skin after facial peeling or other surgical procedures; but when the cream arrived in Korea it began to be used as a beauty supplement due to the coloration it brings to the skin,very to the taste of Asians... and madness broke out; the new use of its virtues has reached Europe, and since then BB Cream retains that reputation as a miraculous product that serves almost everything.

Properties of BB Cream:

  1. Correct imperfections; from redness and spots, to pimples.
  2. They moisturize the face and give it luminosity.
  3. Natural UVA protection. Prevents skin damage from sun exposure.
  4. They provide color in a more subtle way than makeup.
  5. Anti-pore active. Prevents loss of elasticity in the skin responsible for pores dilating.
  6. It detoxifies the skin from the aggression of external agents and regains its luminosity.
  7. Matte effect. BB Cream in oily skin absorbs excess sebum and provides a velvety complexion.

The application of bb cream is simple and can be extended with your fingers, makeup sponge and even kabuki brush. The application should be gradual and uniform with a thin initial layer and, after a couple of minutes, settled on the skin, a second application is carried out with the desired amount. For oily skin it is recommended that the skin be prepared before application with some type of cleanser, such as micellar water or tonic. Conversely, if you have dry skin you will need a previous treatment with moisturizer.

What is the best BB Cream?

A daily routine of facial care in three phases is essential: cleansing, exfoliation and moisturizing, for which you can use our makeup remover,a facial gel and facial moisturizing products. The choice of the right BB Cream depends on your unique characteristics:

  • Skin type. For young, dry and mixed skin, for example, BB cream la roche-posay is the ideal choice for its good hydration.
  • BB Cream anti-ageing. Filorga BB-Perfect is a BB cream of low fat content and, thanks to hyaluronic acid, has a perfect anti-aging effect for mature skin. In contrast, for young skin, color moisturizers are more suitable.
  • Makeup. Tanned skins appreciate a cream of golden tones, while light skins require one of natural tones. If you don't want color effect, CC Cream, the next generation of this type of cosmetics, lack the makeup effect.

Cheap BB Cream

In THE GT Pharmacy you have high-end BB creams and first brands: the Roche, Bioderma, Vichy and Filorga are guarantee laboratories with extensive experience in the elaboration of skin care products. All of them with a variety of shades so you can choose the one that best suits your skin type. In addition in our online store you will find various offers so that BB Cream are within reach of all pockets.



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